We use the birthdate Ba Zi in choosing the right names for people. Also the five elements – metal, water, wood, fire, earth – are used to create balance in the Ba Zi, making up for what is missing and countering what is in overkill. Also, the Five Structures must have good ratings. For example, when choosing names for someone whose Ba Zi is lacking in the “metal” and “water” elements, Chinese characters that embody “metal” and “water” must be used to balance what is lacking in the Ba Zi. “Ratings in the Five Structures in Chinese Name Analysis”.


The Five Structures of a Chinese name are Heaven Structure, Human Structure, Earth Structure, External Structure and Total Structure.

五格就是天格,人格,地格,外格 和总格。

The Heaven Structure is made up of Chinese characters constituting the surname; the Human Structure is made up of characters constituting the middle name; the Earth Structure is made up of the final Chinese characters constituting the name. These three Structures must have good ratings while the External Structure and the Total Structure must also enjoy good ratings.


What influences could a given name bring to the destiny of a newborn? The ancient Chinese saying goes – “人不怕生坏命,最怕取错名 – it does not matter whether one is born with a silver spoon in mouth, however a bad given name would certainly impact one’s destiny”

The fundamental principles of choosing a good name are:
1. Sounds good;
2. Easy pronunciation;
3. Number of strokes ought to match one’s Ba Zi (八字) and Wu Ge( 天格, 人格, 地格, 外格, 总格)

名字到底对我们的新生婴儿有多少影响力? 俗语都有话,人不怕生坏命,最怕取错名。