A client of mine engaged me to survey the fengshui at her three-room apartment flat located in the housing estate of Yishun in Singapore.

As soon as I looked at her room, I found the problem with its fengshui!

I told her she was probably suffering from headaches and insomnia. She nodded in agreement, “I started suffering from insomnia as soon as I moved in. Not long after that, I started having headaches.

Is there something wrong with the fengshui of the flat?” I replied, “Yes, there is something wrong with the fengshui and it’s quite an obvious problem. We could tell just by looking at the furniture layout.”

The flat owner asked, “What’s wrong with the fengshui?” I replied, “What’s causing your headaches and insomnia is just simply that the head of your bed is facing the doorway. The head of the bed is facing the ‘position where one’s qi or energy is dissipated’. It means that whoever sleeps in this bed would suffer from ill health, in particular suffer from problems connected to the head.”

She asked, “Is there a way to resolve this?” “Of course the best way is to turn the head of the bed so that it does not face the doorway.” I taught her to use the head of the bed as the foot of the bed and vice versa. So the head of the bed would no longer face the doorway and thus her fengshui issue was resolved.

So please do take note – never place the head of the bed in or facing the “position where one’s qi or energy is dissipated” (doorway).






〝我一搬到这里之后,就时常失眠,不久后经常头痛,是否这间屋子l的风水有问题?〞 我回答:〝是的!风水出了问题,而且很容易就能看得出来,单看你家中家具的摆法,便可以看得出来。〞