Good feng shui garden will bring good feng shui energy into your house. A properly designed garden will help all members of the house feel refreshed and energetic. Our Feng Shui Master Jeff Lo will introduce the feng shui garden products which are preferred to bring happiness and luck to the owner.

1. Outdoor Fountains

As we already know, feng shui is not a single factor but a combination of factors of terrain around the house, wind direction, water flow, shape, surface texture of the house.

Among those elements, water play the most important role, you can choose many different designs of fountain however be careful in the placement , and properly integrated with a bird bath or a glazing ball, or go for a bigger water feature.

2. Wind chimes

Most people who love and care for the garden are interested in Feng Shui special feelings with wind chimes. Make sure your home wind chimes are made of good material because the bell will have to overcome many different weather conditions outdoors. The most important thing is not to place a large wind chimes in the east of the garden.

3. Light in the garden

Go for solar garden lighting, it is wise feng shui! You can find garden lights in all possible designs – from turtles to flowers – just be sure you know what symbols are best in specific bagua areas of your garden. Beautiful garden lights will bring a gentle feng shui fire element into your garden, as well as a truly magical feeling. Be sure to surround your garden with lights; do not leave any garden areas unbalanced/without light.

4. The statues in the garden

A good feng shui garden should include elements such as sound, color, and motion pictures. Just imagine how perfect with some statues in your beautiful garden, which can be an angel, baby, birds, horses .. etc. .. all these statues will bring energy into the garden and your house.

5. Bird Feeder

In feng shui, the bird is seen as a good mascot to convey the message of happiness from heaven. A garden without birdsong certainly can not be considered a good feng shui garden. Birds bring great energy – be sure your garden is welcoming and nourishing for these precious friends!