“Anyone who is looking to improve his/her life in career, health and luck, Master Jeff Lo from Loshi Feng Shui is the one I will strongly recommend to you guys.

Master Jeff Lo was introduced to me through my friend who is now doing very well in his business. One years ago,  Master Jeff Lo came to my house and give me some advice and arranged some Feng Shui ornaments to improve my luck and good fortune.


Thanks to Master Jeff Lo for all the Feng Shui advices .”


Best regards,
706 Yishun.



Jeff Lo was recommended to me by my brother-in-law who has seen improvements in his business and family health after engaging Jeff’s fengshui services.

After consulting Jeff for my house’ feng shui, our finances have improved and I had good bonus and increment. My children became more hardworking and their grades have improved. Jeff has asked me to watch out for gynaecological problems and advised me to go for health screening. It turned out I had a thickened endometrium and had to go for a day surgery. Things are going well and we are happy with the result so far. Thank you, Jeff!


Best regards,

Jesslyn Lee from Tampines

“I get to know Master Jeff Lo through one of my client  . I do not believe in Fengshui  in the past but was highly recommended by my client to give it a try as he has got remarkable results after consulting him.


I went into financial difficulty in the year 2011 and was expecting a bankruptcy due to my business down fall.


After some hesitation  I went to consult Master Jeff Lo to seek for his advice. After some expertise calculation of my Bazi he make a trip down to my house as he foresee the house that I am  staying might not be suitable for me. After visiting my house he advice me that the house I am staying is not suitable for me as the facing of the door is directly opposing my luck and health.


Master Jeff Lo advice me to change house if possible as he mention putting Fengshui item can’t really help me much as the house that I am staying have many area against me. In short very bad fengshui.

I am very reluctant about his ideal as I had just moved in to my new house just about 2 years after buying it for 5 years.  But after consideration and discussion with my wife about Master Lo advice and we realized that what Master Lo advice was true.  My financial difficulty striked me since I moved in to this new house and most important those points that he mention did really happened. My wife and myself were so surprise that with his calculations he is able to spot on accurately how my life were in the past and when I started to face difficulty.


With serious discussions with my wife, we both decided to go ahead with Master Lo advice.  Master Lo helped me with the selection of my house after viewing many unit and finally we managed to secure an ideal house with good fengshui that will benefit me.
My new house renovation works and design were plan and do up according to Master Lo practical suggestion and advice.


After moving in to my new house I have since overcome my financial difficulty and are currently very stable and I could see improvement in my family lifestyle and my business has also experienced a 2-fold jump further more my wife was recently promoted to a Business Manager in the banking sector.  I am very confident with Master Lo advice and strategic planning. My family are very grateful for his assiatance.
A very patience and helpful FengShui Master.


A big thank you to you Master Jeff Lo .
Mr Kern & Family

“Our first transaction with Master Jeff Lo was when we needed his service to help us select an auspicious wedding date. Since it was our first time seeking Feng Shui consultation, my fiancée and I were a bit anxious about meeting Master Jeff Lo. He is, by far, one of the kindest and most accommodating persons we have ever met. In no time at all, we were talking to him like an old friend. His advice are wise and practical.


Our second transaction with him was to seek his guidance on application of proper Feng Shui to our home. Though I have been in the sales line for 8 years and am doing fairly well, I still feel that something seems to be lacking and needed to do something to improve things.


His guidance on the particular elements could enhance the house “气” for the health and wealth. I diligently followed all his Feng Shui advice and we are now starting to notice the good effects it brought to our home.


I am experiencing remarkable improvement in my sales performance and customer base has broadened. Besides, my wife has finally gotten her salary increment after 2 years of salary freeze. The advice given by Master Jeff Lo on Feng Shui are indeed effective.


Thank you very much Master Jeff Lo, you have been such an inspiration. Without a doubt, I will be recommending you to my family, friends and colleagues who require Feng Shui consultation services”.


Victor / Jaslyn Tan – Tampines



“Prior to meeting Master Jeff Lo, it has never occurred to us that Feng Shui could bring on such great effects to one’s luck, health and life. It is after hearing a couple of positive feedback from friends who have engaged him that we decide to give it a go.


Luck is never with us when comes to lottery, however this miraculously happened within three months after placing of the Feng Shui ornaments in our house by Master Jeff. Further, we observed improvements in our career path in terms of sales performance, opportunities and especially work environment. Misunderstandings with peers which existed for about a year were resolved on an occasion when opportunity arises to have an open chat. Solution was also found for health problem which existed for almost four years.


Unlike stories which we have read/heard about some commercialized Feng Shui masters, Master Jeff works within our budget and follows up on regular basis to check/confirm “effectiveness” of those ornaments in place ensuring everything goes well. He is patient and attends to all queries with profound explanation. Besides, he is receptive towards all feedback which we believed this contributed to his success today in Geomancy.


We are indeed satify with his service and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is keen to seek advises in Feng Shui”.


Best regards,
Eric / Jennifer
190 Punggol Central

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