Based on Feng Shui Science, mirror and image have a very important role in the home. Both have a positive effect on health, as well as the economy of the lucky owners. In contrast, when they placed in the wrong position will cause many troubles and disadvantages. Here is some useful tips from our Feng Shui Master for this concern:

1. Mirror

A bold and gorgeous mirror can alone be the focal point of the feng shui living room. The mirror itself can become an artwork while adding bewitching space and light to the feng shui living room.

If your wall mirror also reflect pleasant views from outdoors either a river or healthy growing plants or rolling hills – that suggest a vast expanse of pure energy. Views of trees bring in growth energy while views of scenic mountains bring great relationship. It is really view of water bring prosperity!

Do you like to gaze out of your window? Or would you rather try and ignore an ugly view? Make sure the mirror doesn’t reflect an eye sore like a pile of clutter, dirty drains or sharp corners of wall or furniture.

Have a mirror that reflects the food on the dining table. This is sure to brings you wealth and abundance.. But make sure the mirror doesn’t reflect the tallest member with the head cut off.

Do not place mirror on the south wall. Make sure you can Not see your image in the mirror while standing at the door or windows.

2. Images

You can choose one that really picks out colors in your living room. Or choose your whole color scheme around a fantastic picture. However be wise with images.

Do not put pictures that depict sadness, violence or loneliness. A picture of a single woman staring into space will only make you single and lonely. Also avoid confusing abstract art. Have a family picture in a metal frame in the west of your feng shui living room. That brings the family luck.

Also avoid having pictures of fierce animals. You can place a picture of horse in the south of your living room to attract the luck of fame and recognition.