Feng Shui For Offices

What significant changes Feng Shui could bring to an organization? The “趋吉避凶 – Hastens luck, avoid disaster” geomancy layout enhances and attracts an abundance of wealth and prosperity.

Feng Shui layout in office creates harmonious environment, improves health of employees thus eliminating medical leaves which this is one of the important factors for boosting organization productivity.

“Colours play one of the core roles and bring enormous influence to Feng Shui”

Right choice of colours for home and office is essential as it would gather the desired energies to bring harmony and balance, resulting significant changes to fortune. For instance, a house that is lack of the Fire Element should add on red colour to its decoration and design for enhancement of energy.

Colours which are representative of the FIVE key elements of Feng Shui are Metal(White), Water(Black), Wood(Green), Fire(Red) and Earth(Yellow).


风水对公司影响有多大? 趋吉避凶风水佈局能提升公司贵人运和订单,会有更多客户支持。公司风水佈局会给员工之间合目共处,以及少病假,就以经提升公司生产力。