Choosing an auspicious day to tie the knot

There is an ancient saying, “An auspicious date would make up for deficiencies in fengshui.” It is clearly stated in the ancient books that it is crucial to choose an auspicious date for your endeavours. The Chinese are very particular about this for an auspicious day and time would help make things go satisfactorily and bring forth happiness and good fortune.

For example, everyone hopes for a happy marriage that would last a lifetime, so you could not just get married on any day. If the wrong day is chosen, which clashes or weakens either the bride or bridegroom’s luck, then nothing good would come out of it but instead it would be plagued with problems!

Most importantly, when choosing a date for any endeavour, the day chosen must be free of any clashing or weakening elements. And then, secondly, the day chosen must not clash or weaken the luck of the clients or their family members.


( 得日月)古书明明白白说明,(择吉纳日)。在我们华人的世界里事事都讲究吉利,吉日吉时会给我们事事顺心,好事连连。